Mònica Palacín

ERC Deputy in the Parliament of Catalonia

"Thanks to the women and men you have made possible that on October 1, 2017 and the following days, also in the Maresme, it will be days that will last for years."

Roger Español

Affected by 1-O loads in Barcelona

"A realistic drawing from the point of view of a people determined to bring their rights and freedoms (of vote and expression) to the end. An intense document, which will rid everyone who sees him feelings, desires, and above all It will help you remember not to forget. Do not forget or forgive! "

Cinto Busquet

Priest of Calella

"Magnificent general picture of what we lived in the country on October 1st from the Calellenca window".

Jaume Planas

Coordinator Òmnium Montnegre

"Very good job of a great team. I really liked the script. A very good memory for a day that will make history."

Diego Sánchez

President PP Maresme

"Great documentary and very professional. Dealing with a complex and delicate theme is always difficult. To give voice to all sensibilities is a success. I liked it a lot. I felt identified".

Carles Mora

Mayor of Arenys de Munt in 2009, during the first consultation

"Ernest Vila and his team have made a very successful documentary about the events that took place on 1-O in Calella and surrounding towns.
Stubborn, dynamic, vital, emotional, this report picks up the shocking facts and opinions of people who suffered in their own meats the repression of the State. An aggression that will remain forever more in the memory of three generations.
With this work, Vila and his team, committed to human values and effective in the technical precision of the documentary, offer us a work that is right and necessary. They must be thankful and give unconditional support. Congratulations and a very sincere and enthusiastic thank you. "

Montserrat Candini

Mayor of Calella since 2011

"Thanks Ernest to become a chronicler of our own history.
As the poet said "Of a Time, of a Country" and ... of a City that you so well have reflected in this documentary. "

Joan Rabasseda

Mayor of Arenys de Munt since 2013

"Explaining the referendum of the 1-O with local focus and global vision is what Documental Octubre does. Ernest Vila's skill and his team in the construction of the story make the documentary a necessary piece to understand what happened October 1, 2017 in many villages of Catalonia. The resources for production must surely have been limited and, in spite of everything, the result is impeccable with this look at the 1-O from its proximity.
The strength of the people ... how lucky we are! Seeing the documentary I have recalled the Riera d'Arenys de Munt full of people, the ballot boxes full of votes, and the emotions of that historical day that is still too close to gauge their impact on the history of Catalonia. The applause of October Documentary is more than deserved! "

Agustí Alcoberro

Vice President of the ANC (October 2017 - March 2018)

"A powerful and unique microhistory, that of Calella and the Alt Maresme, within a shared macro-history: that of a whole town on October 1, 2017."

Emili Argilaga

President Òmnium Baix Camp

"Documentary element of this shared struggle that was on October 1".

Jan Catà

Spokesperson CUP Calella

"A graphic document that will become a historical testimony, an exhaustive, honest and dignifying work".